नमस्ते Namaste’ Collection

Flicker of light.
One. Two.
As if summoned from the darkness by enchanting spell, dewdrops of fire danced in unison to the rhythm of gentle breeze enthralled exquisite shaped mirrors; finely cut and masterly inlaid with pietra dura technique, which shrouded all length and width of the chamber.

Twinkling light of mirrors and certain facet of wearable ornaments echoed the motion of fire, they unveiled parts and prints of honeycombs, stars and paisleys on softly light fabrics.
The flames with their effect enticed curious eyes, for all things seemed like a mirage magically binding with floral scent.

Rays of light.
Strong scheme shaded a long corridor of hand painted mural with floral, birds, the Sun and curve lines in vivid colours. Slim ankles twined by richly ornate anklets that appeared beneath loosely tied ends of a pants which traced up to a wide leg and adhered top, moved rather fast towards the other end that led to a room of jharokha.
The balcony shielded by latticework of intricate mastery where a group of female gathered; some seated, some stood. Riot of colours and exotic patterns from their costumes complemented this jharokha room which was a statement of oriental furnishing; a grand combination of Indian, Moorish, Turkish and Venetian décor.
Down below, a festivity began with celebratory air jubilated sensory of exquisite observers above and beyond the elaborate jharokha.

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